Growing plants is not the same as making widgets. They are alive and deserve the respect we give to living things. We grow out plants at a natural pace, outdoors, with the same stresses they will face in your garden. This is why our plants live. Unfortunately, many of the plants today are grown on a steady diet of fertilizer, which makes them saleable faster; (time is money!) But this also makes them weak and susceptible to insects and disease. Compare our plants to theirs- Ours are more compact, the foliage firmer. We don’t like pesticides here. We let natural predators and botanicals keep the bad stuff at bay. That leaves us with a garden full of birds and wildlife. More than one hundred twenty species of birds have been seen on our eight acres. Many of them nest here. Foxes, weasels and mink roam our forests and fields. A Frog jumping from a pot or a hawk in the hedgerow, watching with one wild impenetrable eye may surprise you-But not us. They live here.



New York State Nursery Landscaping Association, Inc. New York State Nursery Landscaping Association, Inc.

We are Certified Nursery Professional through the NYS Nursery & Landscaping Association

New York State Nursery Landscaping Association, Inc. Cornell Cooperative Extension

Helen Schueler has been certified as a Master Gardener by the Cornell Cooperative Extension