From puddles to ponds,
we can do it.
patios, walks, walls, etc.
New Homes/Renovations
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Add some flair to the house this summer.
General Gardens
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we can do it.

This is how we do it:

The Interview

Our first visit is a consultation at your house. It generally takes about an hour. We take that time to talk and find out what you need and want. We take measurements and photos of the work area, noting soil type, prevailing breezes etc. Mostly we try to get a good feel about you, your home and your lifestyle so we can create a landscape that will be a good fit for your life. We charge a fifty-dollar fee for this first consultation. Its cost is deductible from future work.

The Planning

Our second meeting generally takes place at the Phoenix Flower Farm. Here we can show you actual examples of the plants and materials we plan to use in your landscape. This second meeting gives us the opportunity to fine-tune the proposal-maybe you don’t like the look of a certain plant-or have fallen in love with another, perhaps we failed to take something into account when drawing the plan. This is an opportunity to iron these things out. If necessary we’ll schedule a third meeting, but usually adjustments are minor and can be settled at that time. If you like our proposal and our bid, we can determine a starting date and draw up a contract. Or you might want to take advantage of our design services only, at an hourly rate.

Why We’re Different

Plants, Plants, Plants: We use more of them, and a wider variety than other landscapers do

Materials: An emphasis on local, natural materials, and old fashioned craftsmanship means your patio, walks, ponds and walls are unique-not mass produced.

Our aesthetic: we try to work with nature, not against her. For example, instead of draining a wet spot in your back yard we may recommend a garden of beautiful plants that will thrive there.

Communication: Our interview system is just the beginning. On the work site you will find our employees knowledgeable, well spoken and ready to answer your questions.
On the completion of your landscape you will receive a care guide full of helpful tips, as well as the particulars you’ll need to know to get the most out of your new garden.
Our Laboratory: Phoenix Flower Farm has allowed us to have day in day out experience with all the plants and materials we use. We can see what works and what doesn’t live up to its billing. Let our experience work for you!

New York State Nursery Landscaping Association, Inc. New York State Nursery Landscaping Association, Inc.

We are Certified Nursery Professional through the NYS Nursery & Landscaping Association