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The shade garden would be a much duller place without the Hosta . Its wide variability in color, size and shape make it the perfect foil for all types of flowers and foliage. Although a relatively recent darling of those involved in hybridizing, there are already thousands of cultivars. Here at the farm we have hundreds displayed in the gardens so that you can see a mature clump of a particular variety or how the newest cultivars perform.

There are few plants more satisfying than Hostas. They are easy to please, needing only part shade and reasonable moisture to excel. They can go twenty years without being divided and appear immune to neglect!

Avoid the urge to put Hostas in full sun, though the gold leafed varieties as well as types with Hosta plantaginea in their parentage, can be quite sun tolerant. Still, they all look their best with some protection from bright afternoon light. Blue Hostas especially, will experience sun damage. Generally Hostas develop good yellow foliage in the fall. Pair them with plants that have red fall color such as Oakleaf Hydrangea or Geranium ibericum.

Most Hostas are not grown for their flowers. In fact, some people just cut them off! There are, however, a number of Hostas with beautiful, fragrant flowers-Try ‘Guacamole' or ‘So Sweet'. Another emphasis in recent breeding has been the expansion of the Hosta color palette. Red leaves are the dreamed of goal. Red stems are already an actuality. H. ‘Red October', ‘Cherry Berry' and ‘Sparkling Burgundy' are a few of the newer red stemmed cultivars we have at the farm.

Our carefully selected group of Hostas represents the great variety in size, color, leaf shape and variegation available. Not every cultivar we grow is always available in a container, but please ask! We may be able to dig you a plant from the field.