GETTING STARTED IN THE WINTER: Winter is a great time to think about your new garden-you will have more time to observe the site-Remember, the sun is farther to the south and lower in the sky than it is in the summer. Go to the library and look at garden books…Dream!


Getting Started Checklist

Now that you are ready to Get Started, here is a good checklist to follow. Observe your garden site across the span of a day and if possible during different seasons and try to answer the following questions: (FYI these are also the very questions we will ask you if you have any questions for us, so you can save some time and be prepared for your trip to The Farm)

• How is it oriented- North, South, East or West?
• From which direction does it get most of its light?
• Are there obstructions to light? If so are they unchanging? (Buildings, fences, evergreens)
• Do they change? (Deciduous trees or shrubs)
• How does the lawn grow in that location?
• What kind of soil do you have?
• Is there a downspout, sidewalk or driveway nearby?
• Do Rhododendrons grow well for you or your neighbors?