The dog days summer come in August and we amazingly quick to complain of heat, after months of cold. We pray for rain and breezes and are loath to come out from the shade of a favorite tree. Now is the time when our water gardens are most compelling, bursting with waterlilies and cooling to the senses. The farm is full of color in high summer. Daylilies don’t dominate August as much as July, but some of the late Daylilies are the finest. The Daisy family is everywhere and the trend in colors is as hot as the weather. Here are some plants to look for:
• Artemisia lactiflora
• Buddleia
• Callirhoe involucrata
• Chrysanthemum superbum ‘Becky’
• Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam’
• Echinacea
• Echinops
• Hosta plantaginea
• Heliopsis
• Phlox paniculata