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With the cooler days of fall come some of the finest days in our gardens. The soil is still warm and easy to work. It’s a great time to plant and a great time to enjoy some of our most spectacular flowers. The shade garden comes alive again, this being the strongest bloom time since the cooler days of spring. The ornamental grasses are in their glory and the hardy Hibiscus causes people to stop in the roadway. As the days shorten and temperatures drop, our gardens fade gently towards winter. We will have flowers till the first snows cover them. Some of our favorite fall flowers are:
• Aconite
• Aster
• Cimicifuga
• Colchicum
• Crocus
• Gentian
• Japanese Anenomes
• Lezpedeza
• Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’
• Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’
• Vernonia

Most plants with a milky sap or fragrant foliage are avoided by deer. That said, deer don’t read lists!
• Achillea
• Aconite
• Allium
• Agastache
• Amsonia
• Arisaema
• Artemisia
• Asclepius
• Astilbe
• Dicentra
• Digitalis
• Epimedium
• Euphorbia
• Ferns
• Hellebore
• Iris
• Lavender
• Nepeta
• Origanum
• Ornamental Grasses
• Peonies
• Perovskia
• Sedum