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Here are some questions we hear frequently. If you don’t find an answer here, don’t hesitate to contact us or stop in and visit.







When should I divide perennials?
Here are some rules to guide you:
It’s always best to divide plants when dormant, or just before a period of active growth. Spring blooming plants should be divided in the fall (late Aug. to mid Sept.)
Fall blooming plants divide in spring April-May
Come to our seminar on pruning and division. (see our Events page)

Do you have the plant I’m looking for?
We have thousands of types of plants; most that are listed in the catalog are potted and available. Many that aren’t listed are too. Come visit or give us a call.

When do I prune?
It’s always fine to remove dead or damaged branches. The best time to prune most flowering shrubs is immediately after blooming. This gives them time to form buds for next spring’s flowers. Shrubs that do this are referred to as plants that bloom on old wood. Shrubs that make this year’s flowers on this year’s growth are said to bloom on new wood. Most shrubs that bloom after June bloom on new wood, so a spring pruning doesn’t remove any flower buds. Try not to bloom after August, since pruning encourages growth. The new growth put on after pruning may be susceptible to winter damage. For more complete information on pruning attend our seminar in May.

Should I use fertilizer?
We rarely recommend chemical fertilization except when a sick plant may require a foliar fertilizer for a quick boost. Generally fertilizer is not only unnecessary, it is bad. Compost is what we recommend for plant and garden health. We carry Nutri-brew compost, bagged and bulk.

What blooms in shade?
Hundreds of plants! Search our catalog for suggestions. Remember that the majority of flowering shade plants do their blooming in spring, plan to use foliage, color and texture as the cornerstone of your shade garden. The deeper the shade the fewer flower options you have. Come to our shade seminar for more tips.

What is a protected plant?
New York State prohibits the removal of any wild flowers from public land. Private land is exempt from this protection. That is why acres of trillium have legally been turned into housing lots. If land is slated for development, get permission from the landowner and save some plants before the bulldozers get them! We only sell nursery-propagated plants.

Deer are eating my garden, what do I do?
Keep them out with a fence or other obstacle, plant things they don’t like or use a repellant.

Most plants with a milky sap or fragrant foliage are avoided by deer. That said, deer don't read lists!
Ornamental Grasses

I have a mossy part in my lawn. How do I get the grass to grow?
Maybe you shouldn’t. If grass can’t compete with moss, it may not be the best location for it. We sell many good shade ground covers. If you’re determined to grow grass, remember:
• Use shade tolerant grass seed
• Make sure soil isn’t acidic
• Scuff and remove moss before reseeding
• Open canopy of overhanging trees to allow more light
• Give grass compost or organic fertilizer when it is actively growing in early May