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NEPETA (Catmint) faassenii Six Hills Giant. Superb cultivar of this herb (NOT the same as catnip!) grows 30-36" with many narrow spikes of small purple flowers. Specimen or hedge. Dawn to Dusk offers rose pink rather than purple flowers, and Walker's Low is relatively dwarf (15-18). Siberica Souvenir dAndre Chaudron is a very hardy selec- tion , with good drainage. A compact 2-3 ft. plant bears medium blue flowers most of the summer. Zone 3.

NIGELLA (Love-in-a-Mist). The dainty little white flower in our gazebo bed, with the really wierd seed pod. This is also a self-sowing annual. In addition to the eyed white, Miss Jekyll, we usually have blue, sometimes rose.

NYMPHAEA. (Water Lily). We are steadily increasing our selection of water plants, of which water lilies are the queen. If your pond is natural, or deep enough to get the plants crown 2 ft below the surface, you may want a hardy lily which can be left in all year. If not, tropicals have a somewhat more extensive color range. Pygmies are ideal for the small water garden.