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MACLEAYA (Plume Poppy). 6 ft. Large glaucous leaves, plumes of white-to-pink florets in Summer. Sun or part shade, thrives in moist areas.

MALVA (Mallow). Alcea Fastigiata is a 3-foot plant carrying an abundance of clear pink 1" hollyhock-like blooms. Reblooms if prevented from going to seed. Self sows to the point of nuisance if allowed. Fine summer border plant. Z3. Moschata. 36". Round bushes with 2" pink or white (Alba) blossoms all summer.

MARRUBIUM vulgare (Horehound) is an old-fashioned herb used in candy and cough syrup. We grow it for its mat-like felted foliagea sunny rock garden filler.

MARSHALLIA grandiflora (Barbaras Buttons). 12-36. Solitary 1.25 daisy heads with tubular pink florets, above rosette of 7 leaves. Prefers damp soil, sun to part shade. Native to Appalachian uplands.

MAZUS reptans. An excellent alpine and bed edger/filler; creeping mat with lavender flowers May and June.

MENTHA (Mint). Several interesting varieties are available: Chocolate, pineapple, grapefruit, etc. All are vigorous.

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MERTENSIA virginica (Virginia Bluebell) 18". Masses of lavender blue flowers before much else is blooming in moist, open woods. Spreads by seed and root. Dies back in summer. A joy for the shade garden. Supply limited.

MIMULUS (Monkey Flower) A fine, showy edge plant for wet areas. Zone 4.

MONARDA (Bee Balm, Bergamot, Oswego Tea). A rough 24-48" plant topped by distinctive many-petaled flowers. Related to mint and spreads like it, but doesn't like pots much. Mildew is a problem. Resistant varieties are noted below--Marshall's Delight and Jacob Cline are the best weve found in this regard, but none are perfect. Zone 3.


Colrain Red - New England selection.

Dark Ponticum. Compact, to 3 ft., violet-purple.

Jacob Cline - Mildew-resistant deep rose-red growing to 5

ft. Largest flowers.

Marshall's Delight - Nice pink; very mildew resistant.

Petite Delight (PPAF). 15" x 24". Offering  from Canada's

Morden Research Station. Dwarf habit; 2" lavender rose

flowers all summer, glossy foliage. Some mildew.

Raspberry Wine. Deep raspberry buds open wine.       Mildew resistance reported.

Stones Throw Pink. Reported mildew resistant.

Violet Queen - Purple.

MYOSOTIS (Forget-Me-Not). We always have the self-sowing half-hardy one. Additionally we offer palustris, perennial and long-blooming.