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GAILLARDIA (Blanket Flower). 12" Plentiful>

Page 10 SYMBOL>2003 Phoenix Flower Farm

Hybrids of felix-femina or niponicum pictum or both have been appearing at a startling rate recently. Most involve red or black stems and or pronounced silver overlay on the leaves. Branford Beauty, Branford Rambler, Lady in Red, and Ghost are some we have found interesting.

Likes very dry conditions. Forms a loose mound and will bloom all summer if deadheaded occasionally, withstands drought. Standard varieties Goblin and Dazzler. Bijou is a new 8 hybrid. Burgundy has all-maroon flowers. To Z3.

GALIUM odoratum [was Asperula]. (Sweet Woodruff). Whorls of scented, fresh green leaves 6-10" tall make an excellent ground cover in partial shade. Starry white flowers appear in May, at the same time as Solomon's Seal--a smashing combination. Zones 4 7.

GAURA lindheimeri. 36". Sun. Many white flowers atop wiry pink-to-red stems. Downy green foliage. Similar effect to a small shrub. Long blooming. Zone 5 or warmer. Also:

Crimson Butterflies. Dont miss this 18 dwarfred

leaves, short red stems, hot pink flowers.

 Siskiyou Pink. Red stems, petioles and buds. Flowers are       rose pink, continue all season on 24" plants.

So White is a new selection of the species.

GAZANIA linearis Colorado Gold. 3". This is a hardy cousin to the African bedding plant. 3" shiny yellow flowers, glossy green foliage. Demands good drainage. Zone 4.

GENTIANA (Gentian). We're learning that the difficult reputation of this wildflower family is somewhat overstated. You can enjoy the rich blue flowers if you have a patch of moist shade.

   asclepiadea (Willow Gentian). 24" arching stems bear       dangling rows of flowers late summer, fall. Z5 or warmer.

   cruciata (Cross Gentian). 8-16. Dark blue flowers

midsummer on. Zone 3.

dahurica. 10". August flowering; needs acid soil. Z3.

   paradoxa Blauer Herold. 15". Large flowers. Z3.

   saponaria (Soapwort gentian). 15 Super closed gentian

begins blooming in late September, lasts til November.

 septemfida var. lagodechiana. Easily grown Fall bloomer       for rock and wild gardens (from Asia Minor). Z3.

GERANIUM (Cranesbill). Geraniums are the great fillers of the perennial border, and some are beautiful>

Alaska. A new variety from an Alaskan Australian cross.

Flowers similar to pratense. Spring-Summer 18-24. Z3.

Brookside is a 20 true blue with a white eye. June-July

bloom is followed by some repeat bloom. Considered an

improved substitute for on Johnsons Blue. Z4.

cantabrigiense x Biokovo. 6". Pinkish white; a grower. Z3.

endressii Wargrave Pink 18". Standard mid-border variety.

magnificum (syn. ibericum). 30". 2" purple flowers in May,    nice Fall foliage color. A handsome plant in light shade.

oxonianum Claridge Druse 18-24". Dark pink, long bloom.

phaem (Mourning Widow). Nodding maroon flowers. Z4.

phaem Samobor. Striking foliage a plus. Z4.

pratense. Violet-blue flowers, good foliage ;a clumper. Z5.

psilostemon. To 3'. This is a traffic-stopper. 1-1/2" magenta    blossoms have black "eyes". Supply uncertain. Z5.

renardii. 12" The loveliest sage green, textured foliage we    have seen; white flowers with purple veins are a plus. Z3.

r. Tschelda. Blue flowers, same great foliage plant.

Rozanne. Sensational new hybrid has large deep blue flowers

June-Oct. on a 20 x 24 plant. Foliage changes to brown-

ish red for good Fall display. PP#12175.

sanguineum. 12". Wine flowers on low mounds. Z3.

s. Alba. White.

s. John Elsley. 10-12". Carmine with darker veins.

s. Max Frei.

s. New Hampshire Purple. Long blooming cultivar with    intense color. Reddish purple flowers on 24" clumps.

s. striatum (Lancastriense). 6". Pink with darker veins on    nicely mounded foliage, which colors well in fall.    Reblooms if sheared. If we had to choose just one. . .

wlassovianum. Blue blooms late (midsummer) and long!

GEUM. A small flower with lots of color power--and nice basal foliage. Hardy to Z. 3. Borisii is a bright orange single on 12" stems. Hybrids of borisii, and the older reds and yellows, are in the works, in a range of colors. We display a couple. Triflorum is a Great Plains wildflower.

GILLENIA trifoliata (Indian Physic, Bowman's Root). 2-3 ft.

Upright shrubby herb with reddish stems, delicate white-to-pale pink blooms beginning in May. You've admired it in our White Garden. Sun, to Zone 4.

GOODYEARA pubescens (Downy Rattlesnake Plantain). This choice native orchid has small white flowers but its main feature is stunning leathery green basal leaves with white netting . 6-16 woolly stem. Zone 3. Rarely offered.

GYMNASTA savatori Variegata is a blue-flowered member of the aster tribe, with showy variegated leaves. Zone 3.

GYPSOPHILA (Baby's Breath). Full sun plant. Most Zone 3.

   cerastioides. 8" Himalayan mat former; large purple-      veined white flowers in late Spring. Z5.

franzii nana Compacta. Short, pink flowers.   

   paniculata Bristol>. 3-4 ft. Double white. Good cuts.

p. Compacta Plena. 12-18" A compact Bristol>.

   p. Viette's Dwarf . 15" Double, pale pink flowers.

petraea (Alpine Babys Breath). White flowers in dense

rounded heads on unbranched stems to 8 in June-July.

Gray-green cushion. Marginal in Zone 5.